Week 10 Post

This week we were asked to create a screencast (video, not screen shot) for the “cool tool” we choose to introduce everyone to a few weeks ago. Because I was not aware of any screen casting apps I decided to use Jing (Links to an external site), the one mentioned by our instructor! Jing is an awesome way to take screenshots and edit and even create voice recorded screencasts, but of course Jing seemed to be a little harder than expected for me. The whole taking a screen shot and editing it was super simple, but I could not figure out a way to edit them together….which was why I went back and just made the video. I enjoyed the editing on my screen shots way way more, which makes me disappointed in my video.

Here is the link to my sad attempt at a screen casting video: http://www.screencast.com/t/RRHXBIn1Nx

I was not a fan of this weeks task, although I do see why it would be beneficial to know how to do this kind of editing, I do not foresee me doing this again. 😦 Or maybe I will just have to find an application easier than Jing to use..

use this week 10


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