Week 9 Post

This week was all about digital storytelling and memes. Digital storytelling is extremely powerful in my opinion because you are actually watching someone express their story. It is the next closest thing to being with that person having them tell it to your face because you can actually see their facial expressions as they speak to you most of the time. As for memes,  most of the memes I come across on Instagram are in no way meaningful so when asked to come up with one that actually meant something I was almost in shock. All of the ones on Instagram are absolutely ridiculous, but so so funny. So… I sat down and started reading quotes that meant something to me. I love quotes, I honestly could read them forever. Once I found a quote that I felt could apply to many, I decided to use it. I then went to find a picture in my camera roll that I have taken previously that could apply to the quote of my choosing.I used an app on my iPhone called Mematic. It was super easy and super convenient! I totally recommend this app for anyone entering the meme world!  After making my meme I actually google image searched the quote and there were already a couple! But of course I favor my own! My meme says “We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?” I love this quote because it is basically saying anything is possible! I think many people including myself forget to believe in ourselves and the power that we have in this world.


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