Week 11

Has my view on social media/internet tools changed over the semester?  Yes, I am way more aware of the plethora of different internet tools that are out there and I am way more aware of the impact that social media on future opportunities. Looking over my posts now is so so weird. There is so … More Week 11

Week 10 Post

This week we were asked to create a screencast (video, not screen shot) for the “cool tool” we choose to introduce everyone to a few weeks ago. Because I was not aware of any screen casting apps I decided to use Jing (Links to an external site), the one mentioned by our instructor! Jing is an awesome way … More Week 10 Post

Week 9 Post

This week was all about digital storytelling and memes. Digital storytelling is extremely powerful in my opinion because you are actually watching someone express their story. It is the next closest thing to being with that person having them tell it to your face because you can actually see their facial expressions as they speak … More Week 9 Post