Week 8 Post


This week we were asked to explore a tool that has not been mentioned. Although there are many that I could choose to write about, one that I have not heard about ever is called dropr. This site is basically an online portfolio for people who are interested in art. Even though I am not an artist of any sort really, this site is incredible. The way it connects you to others is awesome! Once you find someones artwork you are interested in, contacting them is super easy. This site is a great way to  share pictures, music, videos, 3D stuff, anything really. It sort of reminds me on tumblr, but it seems a lot more professional. This online portfolio is so creative from anything I have seen. I highly suggest checking it out if you have time to explore! I have probably spent hours just searching and looking around on this lovely site! 🙂

Next we were asked to create a site using google sites.

I have created https://sites.google.com/a/udel.edu/itsxenamarie/

This is my personal site that I will be using to express more fashion related ideas and such. Still trying to figure out what exactly I am going to turn it in to, but I am pretty excited! Right now I am leaning towards posting about weekend trips I take maybe who knows? There is so much work to be done on it, so please be patient with me.


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