Week 7 Post

Creating a future resume…. way harder than expected. I do not know what I thought coming up with a resume would be like, but this was not it. Creating this resume kind of reminded me of my high school brag sheet. Yet, I feel as though I had a lot more on that! This might have been a little harder for me because I am still so indecisive with what route I would like to go in with a major, but we shall see. Setting these future goals for myself is such a scary thought. I mean yes we all see someone superior to us, and think WOAH I WANT TO DO THAT!! But to have someone else read over your thoughts is kind of nerve-racking. You want to be realistic, but you also want to be creative. We all want to live our life to the fullest doing what makes us happy, but who knows what that may even be?? Some 45 year olds still do not even know what makes them happy! It is crazy to actually sit down and see what you expect out of yourself. This assignment has made me want to get better at setting some what harder goals and attaining them. I think to start I may start setting little goals for myself each day or week and working my way up to the harder ones. I can not wait to see where I end up in the world.




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