Week 6 Post


Copyright & Fair Use in The Digital Age 

With information being so easily accessible using someone else’s work and not giving them credit becomes a HUGE problem. There are laws in The United States that try to prevent this, one being a copyright law that protects “original works of authorship.” This law covers literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and many other pieces of works. The protection given by this law is available to both published and unpublished works. The problem is with so many pieces of work floating around, it is not always easy to spot plagiarized pieces. Another law is the Fair use law which is basically an exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States the fair use law is what permits limited use of certain copyrighted material, without  without acquiring permission from the rights holders.
Do we need copyright laws? Absolutely
Credit should always be given when necessary. To have someone else put in a lot of time and effort and publish a thought to just have someone else claim it as theirs is not fair.  Giving credit to someone for referencing their work should not be so overlooked when it is really such a simple task to do.
Another situation that has been occurring for quite some time, is remixing. To remix something is to combine or edit an already existing material in hopes to produce something new.
Is remixing the same as plagiarism? In my opinion, I would say no. Remixing something is simply putting your own spin on someone else’s piece of work, which to me is basically what life is about. As humans we are constantly evolving and building off of what is already known. So if you really think about it, almost everything is a remix.

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