Week 5 Post


Yet again another incredible find presented to me through class… Symbaloo! Such a convenient way to have multiple websites ready for access. The personalization that can go in to your symbaloo page is absolutely crazy & awesome! Also everything can be synced so that your phone has the same content as the webpage on your desktop, all favorites and settings can be saved.

The professional publication I decided to check into was Vogue. Although Vogue is an extremely popular fashion magazine, their website is also very developed. Just by going on the homepage to their website, you have direct link buttons to their facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram. Through their twitter outlet, you can see who they are interacting with directly and speaking to, or even just involving in their tweets. Someone I saw mentioned frequently was Edward Barsamian. After clicking on his twitter user name I saw in his bio that he is the Style Editor for Vogue. Yes, I would follow him personally to increase my awareness because everything he posts relates to his job in some way. I can definitely see that he uses his twitter in a very professional way. He looks trustworthy because almost every single one of his posts has vogue mentioned with many relevant  people and designers, and he presents himself very well with his links to more information about him and other articles. Another recent person mentioned in a tweet was Kim Kardashian West, which of course I would follow personally. With her being considered such a large role model in the fashion world, I would consider her trustworthy. Although many people have their doubts about Kim, I think she presents the business side of her life very respectfully. She definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to making money and getting her ideas out there, two examples being the Kardashian collection of hair and makeup products, and even her iPhone app. Personally I believe Vogue does a wonderful job of presenting their information online through all of their social media platforms, and I believe other magazines can look up to them. They do a really good job of retiring and getting their articles out to the public.


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