Week 8 Post

This week we were asked to explore a tool that has not been mentioned. Although there are many that I could choose to write about, one that I have not heard about ever is called dropr. This site is basically an online portfolio for people who are interested in art. Even though I am not … More Week 8 Post

Week 7 Post

Creating a future resume…. way harder than expected. I do not know what I thought coming up with a resume would be like, but this was not it. Creating this resume kind of reminded me of my high school brag sheet. Yet, I feel as though I had a lot more on that! This might … More Week 7 Post

Week 6 Post

Copyright & Fair Use in The Digital Age  With information being so easily accessible using someone else’s work and not giving them credit becomes a HUGE problem. There are laws in The United States that try to prevent this, one being a copyright law that protects “original works of authorship.” This law covers literary, dramatic, musical, … More Week 6 Post

Week 5 Post

Yet again another incredible find presented to me through class… Symbaloo! Such a convenient way to have multiple websites ready for access. The personalization that can go in to your symbaloo page is absolutely crazy & awesome! Also everything can be synced so that your phone has the same content as the webpage on your desktop, all … More Week 5 Post