Week 4 Post

This week I have found some awesome discoveries! I am actually very excited about everything that I am learning in this class. I do not know exactly what I was expecting, but the new sites that I have became informed about already during just the 4th week of class have made it so worth it!

First lesson, “don’t knock it, till you try it!” SO TRUE. At first I was super skeptical about Diggo.com, but after actually taking the time to see what can be done, I am amazed. I definitely always considered myself to be more of a hands on person. When given the option between reading something online versus having the option of having a hard copy, I would most certainly choose the hard copy. Diggo.com has changed that! Reading a hard copy always seemed easier because I could highlight and take notes in margins. Well, the highlight and stickynote feature on Diggo.com make those two pros possible! The site even actually organizes your highlights and comments right under the article and saves them! HOW SWEET IS THAT?! The comparison is spot on to doing it with actual ink and I love it! This is such a smart tool to use when reading something with many pages! I am very excited to use this tool more in the future.

Next, Okay so we all have been here…nothing is more obnoxious than trying to tell someone a URL to a picture or article we saw on Facebook or somewhere online! http://www.facebook.com/….L-as-in-Larry-f-as-in-fish-q-2-3-4-d-as-in-Dog….you get the point… so annoying and they can go on for absolutely ever. This week I learned an awesome way to avoid that problem and have been super excited to share it! I mean yes now a days we do have the option to copy and paste, but there are still a few times where this trick could be necessary. BitLy.com! Incredibly easy and should definitely be checked out!

This has been another successful week in my computer science class!


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