Week 3 Post


The saying that “You learn something new everyday,” is the most accurate phrase that can come to my mind relating to society today. It is the honest truth! You can learn something new from every single encounter you have. This week my computer science teacher introduced me to an awesome platform that I will talk about below.

This week my class was asked to check out Hootsuit, Feedly, and Diggreader- all of which were brand new to me. Even being a nineteen year old who is constantly on the internet, I havent heard of these platforms… and that made me realize all of the other awesome hidden gems there probably are on the web. Hootsuit seems like a wonderful platform for people who have many social media networks. Creating a site that has all of your feeds/timelines next to each other at once is such a time saver and it actually helps so that you do not miss something. I can not recall the amount of times I have had a friend ask me if I saw their tweet or something, and had the answer no because I was too busy scrolling on another one! Diggreader, in my opinion, was not fantastic, but I think that is probably just because I instantly became obsessed with Feedly. I seriously can not figure out how I have been living without Feedly! Of course, my first instinct was to click on the fashion tab the second I signed up and I have spent multiple hours on there since. It is incredible how easily all of the information is accessible. It is impossible to just click once! I read once article and then as soon as I finish I am moving right along to another one that interests me, and I love it! For me, with my interest in Fashion I ended up on a ton of pages involving blogs about fashion week, photoshoots that occurred recently, beauty tips, and even intern openings in NYC! If you have not checked out this site… do it as soon as you finish reading my post!! 🙂

The question that was also assigned this week was, “How do you think you will continue your education after graduation.” Hmmm, I really really do hope that I end up in a fast paced job that way I am forced to pick up new information constantly causing me to learn more. Regardless I will continue to read about new happenings on the internet because I know that if I do not I will end up in the group with all of the others who are part of a technology lag. I think the internet is by far the best source for learning new information because there is so so so much information floating around on it. I mean, yes of course you need to make sure the information is true and relevant, but all in all the amount of knowledge that can be gained through simple online access is amazing.


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