Week 2 Post

Among the bajillion tools that the world wide web contains, I believe twitter will always be one of the most popular. Speaking of popular…. when I first made my twitter account in 2009 (which I’m pretty sure means I was not even old enough to have a twitter), I thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread! I had about 500 followers and only followed about 40 people. Even though looking back on it, the only reason I possibly could have had so many followers was because my account was private and to see my tweets a person HAD to follow me. Anyway, one day during my senior year of high school I was in the middle of a tweet and had an epiphany…. why do people need to know every little thought that is crossing through my head? Even better yet, Why did I feel the need to tell people every thought that was crossing through my head? Bottom line is I deactivated my twitter and have been pretty content without having one since.

Thinking about the professional aspect, a twitter account totally makes sense. You keep in constant touch with multiple people and it is basically a  less in depth version of a blog. Also, reminiscing on some of my pointless tweets, it is probably for the better that a future employer will not be reading those tweets. Relating a twitter account to a job involving fashion would make so much sense. You are sharing your story with a wider community in such an easy convenient way!  With the feature of hash tagging, trends catch on super fast and this would be a smart way to get a new idea spread.

Reading an article by Chelsea Orcutt, called Social Media: The Fashion Industry’s Hottest Trend, many valid points are made. She points out what I stated earlier about the trending topics being influenced heavily on twitter in the paragraph, From Runway Trends To Trending Topics. However, she also mentions how identity is hidden on these social platforms and sometimes that can even be beneficial for a business or industry. Aliza Licht, was known simply as DKNy’s PR girl, until she reveled herself through a youtube video. This makes total sense, through sources such as twitter the opportunity to present yourself the way you would like to be seen is so simple. Aliza used DKNY’s twitter to build the brands name in a simple, sweet, and witty way without anyone actually even knowing who was running the account.

Comparing Twitter to Diigo, I am much more of a twitter fan. I have yet to figure out how exactly to maneuver Diigo and I am sure that once I do it will grow on me, but for now… Twitter > Diigo.



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