Week 1 Post

As a college student, I am constantly facing new situations. By signing up for computer science I have been faced with the task to start a blog that could potentially be used in the future for an employment opportunity. Do I personally think that creating a blog will be valuable to my future career? Who knows?! With this being the era of technology, I guess what better way could there be than to connect with people by using an online program such as a blog.

Considering I am extremely indecisive and have yet to figure out what I would like my future career pathway to consist of maybe keeping a blog will actually help me figure out what I am most passionate about. I believe I would like my work to be intertwined with the business world, possibly with fashion merchandising, sports management, or even communications.

While researching the work benefits of a blog I can agree that blogging could be benefical to future work life relating to any career. Through my search I came across a blog post posted by Helen Robinson, with a list of 12 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Business. The three main points that I can agree with indefinitely would be Self Discovery, Opinion Former, and Word of Mouth Marketing. With the internet being used so often and containing so much information, by having a blog online inevitably someone  some where is going to stumble upon it. When this happens they will then have the option to read your posts, thus seeing your perspective on the objects you choose to post about. After, perhaps they enjoyed what they read, they may then go and pass it on to someone else to go look at. This would result in the widespread of your business through your blog. Also, a blog is a way to get to know someone more personally without actually knowing that person, a connection can still be felt when a person can relate to another persons thoughts. By blogging a person has the chance to brand themselves and show a side of that is maybe not as visible in the office. A person who may have confidence issues could use a blog to finally express ideas that they may have thought of. A blog is a place to actually be yourself!

When quickly thinking about the benefits of keeping an online blog for future employment reasons I could not really think of any reason other than just expressing my opinion to have others possibly read it. But, after setting aside more time to ponder the outcomes that could come from a blog, I have to agree one hundred percent  that blogging is actually a great strategical idea. I am now very anxious to see what this blog transforms into, and I hope you are also.


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