Week 4 Post

This week I have found some awesome discoveries! I am actually very excited about everything that I am learning in this class. I do not know exactly what I was expecting, but the new sites that I have became informed about already during just the 4th week of class have made it so worth it! … More Week 4 Post

Week 3 Post

The saying that “You learn something new everyday,” is the most accurate phrase that can come to my mind relating to society today. It is the honest truth! You can learn something new from every single encounter you have. This week my computer science teacher introduced me to an awesome platform that I will talk … More Week 3 Post

Week 2 Post

Among the bajillion tools that the world wide web contains, I believe twitter will always be one of the most popular. Speaking of popular…. when I first made my twitter account in 2009 (which I’m pretty sure means I was not even old enough to have a twitter), I thought I was the coolest thing … More Week 2 Post

Week 1 Post

As a college student, I am constantly facing new situations. By signing up for computer science I have been faced with the task to start a blog that could potentially be used in the future for an employment opportunity. Do I personally think that creating a blog will be valuable to my future career? Who … More Week 1 Post