Week 11

Has my view on social media/internet tools changed over the semester?  Yes, I am way more aware of the plethora of different internet tools that are out there and I am way more aware of the impact that social media on future opportunities. Looking over my posts now is so so weird. There is so … More Week 11

Week 10 Post

This week we were asked to create a screencast (video, not screen shot) for the “cool tool” we choose to introduce everyone to a few weeks ago. Because I was not aware of any screen casting apps I decided to use Jing (Links to an external site), the one mentioned by our instructor! Jing is an awesome way … More Week 10 Post

Week 9 Post

This week was all about digital storytelling and memes. Digital storytelling is extremely powerful in my opinion because you are actually watching someone express their story. It is the next closest thing to being with that person having them tell it to your face because you can actually see their facial expressions as they speak … More Week 9 Post

Week 8 Post

This week we were asked to explore a tool that has not been mentioned. Although there are many that I could choose to write about, one that I have not heard about ever is called dropr. This site is basically an online portfolio for people who are interested in art. Even though I am not … More Week 8 Post

Week 7 Post

Creating a future resume…. way harder than expected. I do not know what I thought coming up with a resume would be like, but this was not it. Creating this resume kind of reminded me of my high school brag sheet. Yet, I feel as though I had a lot more on that! This might … More Week 7 Post

Week 6 Post

Copyright & Fair Use in The Digital Age  With information being so easily accessible using someone else’s work and not giving them credit becomes a HUGE problem. There are laws in The United States that try to prevent this, one being a copyright law that protects “original works of authorship.” This law covers literary, dramatic, musical, … More Week 6 Post

Week 5 Post

Yet again another incredible find presented to me through class… Symbaloo! Such a convenient way to have multiple websites ready for access. The personalization that can go in to your symbaloo page is absolutely crazy & awesome! Also everything can be synced so that your phone has the same content as the webpage on your desktop, all … More Week 5 Post

Week 4 Post

This week I have found some awesome discoveries! I am actually very excited about everything that I am learning in this class. I do not know exactly what I was expecting, but the new sites that I have became informed about already during just the 4th week of class have made it so worth it! … More Week 4 Post

Week 3 Post

The saying that “You learn something new everyday,” is the most accurate phrase that can come to my mind relating to society today. It is the honest truth! You can learn something new from every single encounter you have. This week my computer science teacher introduced me to an awesome platform that I will talk … More Week 3 Post

Week 2 Post

Among the bajillion tools that the world wide web contains, I believe twitter will always be one of the most popular. Speaking of popular…. when I first made my twitter account in 2009 (which I’m pretty sure means I was not even old enough to have a twitter), I thought I was the coolest thing … More Week 2 Post